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Hi, I'm Alex McMillan.

I'm an international teacher who specializes in educational technologies.

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I work

in schools

Tech Coach

I work with teachers to use technology in meaningful, engaging, safe, and

ethical ways.


I often work with departments and administrators to look at problems challenges and find innovative solutions.

Digital Signage Manager

I believe in the importance of digital signage that is regularly updated and meaningful. Digital signage is the new display board to show the learning that is happening in the 21st Century classroom.

Design Teacher

I also teach design thinking through visual communication, photography, and graphic design.

I take



My passion is to take my cameras with me to new countries, meet new people, and photography new locations.


My speciality is in taking photos of people and making them look great. I love natural and soft lighting.


Lately I have been getting increasingly interested in drone photography. It it amazing to look at the world in new ways and from new angles.


I made career prior to working as a teacher in the commercial photography space. Some of my clients include Burger King, Colgate, Coca Cola, Kotex, & more.

I make

AV Magic

Electronic Music

Since I was 12 years old I have been producing my own music. Scroll down to tlisten to some of my music. Here you can listen to a few of my recent tracks with accompanying visuals.

Commercial Videos

One of my favorite types of projects to do is editorial videos for clients because I get to apply my love of sound and visuals to create a powerful aesthetic experience.

I extend

my reach


I've published six books on Apple books: Saigon Artbook and Designing for Understanding. Get them for free!

Check out "Designing for Understanding" and "Saigon Artbook" on Apple Books (not available in CN 🇨🇳 yet; message me on Twitter if you'd like a PDF copy!)