“Nommy the Faph”: Sounds of feelings and memories from my life.

If you’re visiting on a computer, select a song from below and listen to it while looking at photos. Notice the way the music interacts with the image and creates its own aesthetic experience that you control.

“December Rain v5”

January, 2022

After being trapped inside during winter in South Korea while COVID ravaged the world, I wrote a song about what I found see outside the window. I felt like a challenge, so I built this track with a vocalist in mind. 
I after 

“Melodic Steps3_v5”

September, 2021

My brother and I have been working on a track together. We were inspired by the Postal Service who sent tracks to one another through the Internet. Instead we send our tracks via email. In this track you can hear a dark track that we have been working on with subway sounds as our inspiration. Enjoy.

“Volcano Song”

July, 2021

After visiting Fagradallfjall, I felt inspired to  write a song about the volcano. Here is my song and footage.


June, 2021

This is a preview only. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Aphex Twin, acid, and electro music. I felt like I wanted to write something similar so I brought in a TB-303 synth for the ride. 

“Song B v3”

June, 2019

I have been experimenting with “circuit bending” (the act of rewiring circuits and turning them into something different). In this song you can hear a toy from Taco Bell that I circuit bent. Remember that little chihuahua that said “yo quiero taco bell”? That’s him making some of those noises. 

“Debbiet (Noise Mix)”

August, 2018
One of my all time favorite songs that I have ever made. It is pure chaos and noise, but from it emerges order, rythm, musicality. This song is “noise”, but at the same time it creates an aesthetic that somehow finds beauty. 

This site is a collection of some of the pieces I have gathered throughout the years. It’s sort of a combination of a portfolio and blog. 

As one of my favorite mediums, photography is something that I developed while living in Vietnam. It is such a photogenic country that I grew to be more and more interested in photography as a creative outlet until I eventually made a career out of it. I opened a studio and specialized in commercial portraiture. My clients included Burger King, Kotex, Master Chef, Sapporo Beer, Ansell Condoms, Colgate, LG, Samsung, and more. Since leaving Vietnam in 2019, after 11 years, I have moved away from advertisements and into travel and drone photography.

My other outlet is music. I have been creating music in my bedroom since I was 11 years old when I got my first guitar. I graduated into rock n roll when my brother gave me my first Tascam 4-track recorder, and eventually into electronic music as a teen when I discovered Sound Forge’s Acid. To date, I have created eight albums that serve as pieces of memory. Time, texture, voice. Sound captures feelings in a way that visual mediums cannot.

That brings together why I created this website: I wanted the viewer to interact with my work by having a unique experience. By listening to a song and interacting with images, you create an experience; you can have your own aesthetic experience by combining photos and sounds of your choice. Notice the combined meaning of the pieces as sound and image come together.

You are in control of your experience with my work. I hope you find meaning and enjoyment in my pieces. Thank you. --AM