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AIS Student News Episode 6

AIS Student News Episode 6

We broadcasted episode 6 today and I have to say that it was surprisingly… not stressful at all.  That was a first.  Reflecting back, the three key things that really made today’s episode more successful than others in the past were, in my opinion: 

  • Being prepared: when the script is written, the stories are done, and the OBS (streaming software) are prepared with all of the scenes preloaded, it lowers nervousness, and makes everyone in the team feel confident which is huge.
  • Practice, practice, practice: our team now always makes time on Thursday before an actual broadcast to practice the entire script and find any bugs that we might have. This made such a huge difference and really feeds into the first idea of being prepared.  Given that we’re working with live television, we really need to consider being ready to be on camera with everyone’s eyes on us.
  • Communication: while practicing for episode 6, our team really focused on communication methods between all parties.  Small things like 1 person following the script and telling the person managing the live streaming when it’s time to switch scenes; the director developing clear hand signals that everyone understands non-verbally to mean “standby” and “you’re live”.  

We learned a lot today and our kids are getting better at it each time.  The next objective is going to be switching roles and having the kids try something they haven’t necessarily practiced.  We really need to shift the dependence upon one person as the master of one specific job into the whole team knowing each tool.  This will allow for flexibility when someone is sick out for the day of broadcast.  One step at a time! 

Check out today’s episode below.  I’m super proud of these kids. Middle schoolers can change the world! <3

Click the picture above to visit our YouTube channel to see this episode along with all the others from this year and check out how much the kids are improving in such a short time 🙂

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