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AIS Student News: Season 1, Episode 1

AIS Student News: Season 1, Episode 1

Today our crew started using our studio to film the fist episode (for this “season”) of the student news.  We had a complex structure for the episode with multiple camera angles and anchors.  We had the entire student counsel switching in and out of the story and telling their stories about the events happening at the school.  It was bonkers.  The biggest problem came from the sheer number of students who had to switch in and out of the scenes.  We had microphones falling over, cameras not switching on at the right time, and general confusion. 

After this episode, all of our hearts were still beating hard because of the nature of live television: it all has to be perfect.

So I chatted with the kids and the principal and we came up with the idea of switching the next episode to prerecorded video stories and the anchors as VJs who introduce the stories and comment on them.  Let’s see what happens in the next round if it pays off to do 50% live.

Our final live product, streamed live on August 31, 2018

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