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AIS Student News Season 1, Episode 4

AIS Student News Season 1, Episode 4

We’re getting better at this.  Tension is noticeably lower in the studio when we broadcast when we started following a regular pattern:

  • Mondays: writing and recording stories
  • Tuesdays: writing and recording stores; all stories have to be in
  • Wednesdays: no advisory block, so team doesn’t meet
  • Thursday: rehearsal; makes a huge difference and we can often catch our small mistakes.
  • Friday: 10 minutes of preparation then we go live at 10:10am. 

With this in mind the kids are so confident that it’s starting to run itself after 1.5 months of practice.  That’s great!  To let me further step aside, I’ve got a boy who is the assistance director who is day by day taking my responsibilities to coordinate the team. 

It’s really amazing to see how motivated kids can be when things are relevant (i.e. YouTube streaming) and they feel like they have agency (i.e. they call the shots on the news and its content).

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