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Day 1

Day 1

Last year I planned with my colleagues, got approval for our proposal, put in the request to the procurement department to order lots of materials, and left for the Summer holiday hoping it would all be delivered on time. My second challenge in curating the new MakerSpace is converting the art room and all of its facilities into one that feels like kids’ space.  I want them to feel like this is where they can come to dig in and get their hands dirty with projects.  I want it to inspire creativity and problem solving; like they can make mistakes and explore here freely.  So here’s where I’m starting.

Whiteboards going in.  It takes a village to build a MakerSpace.

Plunked down for its initial layout.  On the left are the consumables, straight ahead is the sewing area, on the right and cut off is the lego table.  

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