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Delivery day!

Delivery day!

Yahoo! Today we got our new Sony pro camcorder.  This is an essential for anyone who is setting up a live streaming studio like we’ve done.

Top reasons why we bought a $2,500 camera:

  1. DSLRs just won’t cut it when it comes to seeing your video stream on the camera live.  If you want to zoom in or out, wouldn’t it be nice if you could see what was going to the computer for streaming?
  2. Many people think that DSLRs can natively output the various resolutions that they record in, but noooo, they can’t!  Take the Canon 70Ds for example.  They can output 1080i or 480i.  What!?  That’s tough to be limited to those specific resolutions when connecting to your computer.  Our Sony can output just about any resolution and frame rate combination you can think of.  It even goes up to 4k resolution.
  3. If you have different cameras for each of your camera angles, wouldn’t it be great if they could be set to the same output resolution? Well, DSLRs are typically cameras first, not video streamers, so they’re probably not going to be able to agree on the same resolution.  
  4. Camcorders will have an AC in so as well as a battery pack, so it won’t run out of juice during a broadcast…or in the case of a DSLR auto power down.  
  5. Extra features.  These things usually have recent models that have features like streaming via wifi.

So in short, if you’re planning to do a student news broadcast, get yourself a camcorder.  It’s the right tool for the job.  You wouldn’t hammer a nail with a screw driver.

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