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Documenting Student Work for Portfolios

Documenting Student Work for Portfolios

Click here to visit the presentation.

Above is my that I gave at the Vietnam Tech Conference 2018 in Ha Noi.  Click the link above to visit the central hyperlink and begin your own journey.  Feel free to make a copy of it for your own purposes and save it in your Google Drive by going to File > Make a Copy.

The presentation is all about student portfolios and 3 different technologies that you can use for/with your students to document their work.  These are not the only 3, but they are my absolute favorites.

  1.  Scanning.  If you haven’t scanned before, you’re going to want to start here with this hyperdoc.  Scanning is a special way of taking a photo that removes shadows, straightens the images, and removes all the surrounding mess.  It’s a game changer for documentation.
  2. Screen Casting.  This is another essential for me.  This is a technique that allows you to record the screen of your device to show a process.  As a tech coach, this is essential for me when working with others on a system; rather than sitting down with 50 people when they’re free, I can record my screen and upload it to YouTube.  From there they can watch it whenever they have free time. 
  3. Photography.  This is something I constantly get asked about.  Using a camera effectively is an important skill because we all carry cameras around with us in our pockets. The beautiful thing is that if you learn how to use one camera, you will be able to take photos on any camera.  They are all essentially the same: devices that capture light. 

So with that introduction, I leave it up to you.  The central hyperdoc leads you through your own adventure, if you will, and you can choose what, when, and how deeply you’d like to go into the content. Thanks, and happy documenting!

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