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Lunch Time.

Lunch Time.

We’ve got to start opening up the MakerSpace at lunch.  I’ve been getting asked by kids if they can come up and play with the legos.  The surprising thing is that these kids are usually upperclassmen in the high school.  

I wonder. Are students in the HS getting bomabrded with content to the point where they need creative outlet?  Do they feel nostalgia for legos and play?  Are they curious to try something they aren’t getting enough of (i.e. Design Tech)?  All of the above?

One group that used the MakerSpace while I was out, their teacher tells me, got so obsessed with the lego table that he couldn’t get them away from it.  When they left the room, they also left this little guy for me to find later. I loved it.  It was so cool and to be a symbol that they need more time in the room.  It’s almost like a cry for help!

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