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It’s the start of another Movember.  This year, we’re going to start a little bit earlier so that we don’t have funny looking facial hair for school photos and the yearbook. It is really a strange feeling to be clean shaven; I’ve had a beard for a couple of years with at least a little bit of stubble.  AHH! 

STAR Team and StuCo will be working together to photograph all the participating teachers with a high contrast, black and white photo that we will use to do a face-morph and display it next month on the student news when we announce the winning grade who will be getting a pie in the face.  I’ll update this post with other pictures as we go on.

Goodbye, glorious beard!  I shall miss thee.
Week 1!  Thanks for the photo, Tony!
Week 2, starting to see that beard come in. 
Week 3, my beard is looking close to “normal” again!

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