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My 2019 ISTE Goals

My 2019 ISTE Goals

It’s 2019 & the lunar new year is nye. Time to set some goals.

I am connected. I’m a 35 year old technology enthusiast who has a ridiculous amount of consumer tech. I own 3 cameras, 2 computers, 6 smart speakers, a Nintendo Switch, Amazon Alexa in every room of my apartment, smart AC, smart lights, Nest home security cams, an Apple Watch, an iPad, an Apple TV, AirPods, 2 other kinds of wireless headphones depending on the occasion, 2 bluetooth speakers, 3 content streaming accounts… do I need to go on? No. You get the point.

Hold that thought.

At work, I am working with 3 different groups of people on a daily basis– and others from time to time. The three groups that I am interfacing with are:

  1. My Design Technology students
  2. My tech-enthusiasts in my homeroom (AKA STAR Team)
  3. My tech mentees

I’ve been noticing a problem in our entire school, and to be frank, as well as society. We don’t talk about the tech tools that we use every day. On one hand, Moore’s law tells us that technology is improving and changing at exponential rates. Technology’s tendency to change in such a short period of time in it of itself tells us that we are constantly trying to play keep up. And from what I can tell, we are doing a poor job.
We aren’t doing a poor job when it comes to our consumption of technology, we are excellent globally at that. We are doing a poor job at keeping up ethically. We are addicted to our smartphones, the Internet, and instant gratification to the point where it distracts us from our own core values. To get our dopamine hits on a daily basis without considering what these experiments are doing to our brains let alone children’s brains who are in various places in their mental development.
Jumping back to the beginning when I flexed with my list of consumer tech, you can see that I am a tech enthusiast. But I am someone who has seen first-hand what it can do if we lose track of who we are and what we believe (read Andrew Keen’s “How to Fix the Future“).

So I have a question which is leading me toward my specific ISTE standards that I would like to incorporate into my resolutions for 2019. My question is: As a technology integrationist/enthusiast/leader, is my primary function to help people use tech the right way? That is, is my job to help people use technology safely, ethically, and healthfully? Ways that actually strengthen relationships and our communication AND our democracies rather than undermining or worsening them? I mean, these are things that we hold at the very center of many of our cultures and values; yet we lose track of what we believe for the sake of not missing out.

Image taken from

My ISTE goals for this year myself as well as the 3 groups of people I work with come from CITIZENSHIP. I want to help teachers plan how to set tech integration goals as well as digital citizenship goals within their unit plans. I want to work with my tech team to plan stories for our student news that discuss the right ways of using tech. I want to parse the availability of new tech and the conveniences they afford us with our school’s culture and core values. Finally, I want to to be flexible enough to allow for teachable-moments to occur.
Happy new year! Let’s make the year of the pig one that counts!

Happy new year! Let’s make the year of the pig one that counts!


  • Tanya LeClair -

    Hi Alex,

    You have some fabulous learning goals for this year and I really appreciate the thoughtful approach you are taking to the use of all forms of technology. It can be easy to get carried away with how cool something is without assessing if it’s valuable to the core of a learning experience. I am really interested to see how your goal evolves and helps you in defining the right tools for you and your team in the future. Also can’t wait to hear some of those student stories!

  • Happy New Year Alex!

    I appreciated that you were able to list a bunch of the technology you interact with on a daily basis but then also reflect on how society has a bit of a technology problem. Looking forward to seeing how you support your communities in the year of the pig! 🐷🏮🧧

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