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New YouTube Intro!

New YouTube Intro!

This year, I decided to up my game on my YouTube channel by investing more time into each tutorial, including green screen intros, enlisting student help, and getting my own intro! YouTube is actually full of intros that people will let you use for free.  I found one that I liked (I’m a 2D guy), but I wasn’t such a fan of the music.  Without really knowing how to use Adobe After Effects, I was able to open up the file and mess around with the file (thanks Creative Cloud subscription, all those extra apps ended up paying off!)

I was able to put together a great and original sound track to each of the little sounds of my intro.  Check out the finished track.

After a bit of fiddling, I ended up getting the visual with my name and channel address to appear.  Yahoo! Or maybe I should shout “Google!” when I’m happy?  Anyway, I started going through my samples that I recorded when I was a kid and liked to bend circuits.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Seeing as how it was so easy to do, I think I might have a few and test the waters with them.  Do pro YouTubers do that?  🤣

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