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Online Tech Tools Database

Online Tech Tools Database

Today I decided to modify my massive list of tech tools and change it into something more community-driven and open. In case you haven’t seen this gigantic list that used to be in in this very post, I tried to make a list that was comprehensive.  But the nature of technology is to rapidly change and unless I continually page through the gigantic list of tools, chances are that there will be out of date and unreliable entries.  Solution! 3 espressos later and a few hours at a Starbucks, I decided to migrate everything over to an open Google Sheet that is open for the world to edit. I had to write a few rules at the beginning of the database to hopefully encourage proper use, so let’s see what ends up happening to it.  

Check it out here, or click on the link in the navigation menu on the left. Any contributions welcome!  Cheers!

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