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Open TechTool Database

In October 2018 I was ready to make a revision of a poster I had created for my instructional mentees about tech tools and how they can use them in the classroom. The thing was that the poster while helpful, seemed limited in size– I had to leave so many things out!  Furthermore, the list was limited to what I knew; often I would talk to other educators and I would find they knew about someone fantastic app, site, or tool.

With these problems in mind, I decided to set out on making a database that people could collaboratively write.  Because Google Drive’s docs are so easy to share, I decided to make the database open to all users globally! 

Click on the picture to visit the database!

Because it’s a Google Sheet, it’s easy for people to sort by name, description, function, the 4Cs, or when someone last updated the listing.  Moreover, when the database gets large, it’ll be easy to port this to a proper database (e.g. MySQL).

In January of 2019, I’ll be presenting this to the Vietnam Tech Conference as something that people can put in their tool boxes for when they’re looking to integrate technology.