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Partners in Learning

Partners in Learning

Cover image taken from Michael Fullan‘s video on Deep Learning


In this week’s post, I made a video! I made it because I have been thinking about how I learn– I like to annotate and group ideas when I’m reading; I also like to verbally process what I’ve learned to help me “think out loud”.

So I decided to take a risk and instead of writing a long blog post that’s text heavy, I made a Keynote with my annotations of items that stood out to me, and I narrated my thoughts over them.

In the video you will hear me talk about:

  • A problem in education
  • The new role of the teacher (i.e. new pedagogies)
  • The role of technology in deep learning and as a learning partner
  • My reflection on what I’m doing well and what I would like to improve in my own practice.

Video of Literature Review for Course 4, Week 2.

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