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How safe are your tech resources?  Lately, we’ve been hearing about Facebook allowing millions of users’ data to be accessed by third parties; Amazon and Apple’s products appear to have apparently included a chip that was not on their original schematics from Chinese manufacturers, and so on.

Photo: Christian Hartmann/Reuters

Apple, Facebook, Amazon?  And now Spotify was apparently one of the other recent data breaches as well. 

Digital literacy classes in 2018 must include a privacy and online component.  Common Sense is trying to help students, teachers, and parents choose tech that has a privacy policy that is honest and beneficial for its users without selling users’ data.  Their reviews are written in simple terms and labeled in ways that make finding the right tech easy.  Or if you’re not looking for the right tech, you might lookup the tech that you’re currently using at home/in the classroom and be surprised to what you agreed to when you clicked that long terms of service agreement. 

Common Sense Media’s attempt at helping people find the right tech tools. Check it out here:

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