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Rearranging The Room

Rearranging The Room

The kids are continuing in the design cycle and prototyping process.  Today I had students ask to move some of the workspace tables from the center of the room over to the windows where they have power plugs and more light.  I did this on purpose and gave the kids freedom to move the furniture around.  While it’s not necessarily a “flexible learning environment” with moving walls and tables with wheels, I think the most important thing with a flexible learning environment is that the kids are given license to customize the room as they see fit to aid in their learning; furthermore, they should be asked how the learning environment is affecting them.  

To give you a sense of what the room looked like before, you can see the large center table and the other window has cabinets in front of it. No more!  The large table is broken up and by the window… for now.  Let’s see how the room transforms. 

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