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Student News Episode 5

Student News Episode 5

We just finished broadcasting episode 5 of student news! Yahoo!  There were some rough spots, but they lead to some great conversations about how we can improve for our next episode.  One of my favorite things that came out of it was the decision to define each member’s roles.  Our student who was running the broadcast software was also running the chatroom in the live feed.  No more! It was leading to a lot of stress for him and now he can focus on one thing at a time.  Our next decision was to have our broadcaster lead the transitions rather than the director; that is, the broadcaster will signal when the cameras are live.

One of the other homerooms grabbed chairs and sat outside the studio and watched us live on their devices.  There was a 10 second delay between what the live action was doing and the feed though, but it gave the other kids an idea about how live television works.  Fun to have an audience too!  One suggestion the others had was to put in a television in the hallways. Hm, that’s an interesting idea, actually.  We have some large TV screens in the lobby.  I wonder if there’s a way to broadcast onto YouTube and then onto these TVs for groups to gather together and watch.  Definitely have to investigate this.

Check out the episode below!

After filming, we had a party with the kids’ favorite foods: pizza, Doritos, Sprite, and cheese cake.  We decided today to make it our new tradition at the end of each quarter to have our own little celebration. Our team is about more than just making the news, we’re a team; that means we’ve got one another’s back.  

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