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Ways of Showing Learning with Technology Poster

Ways of Showing Learning with Technology Poster

I made this poster to share with the online community.  As a tech coach, this is one of the things that I get asked the most– how can my kids show their learning in their summative performance tasks?  I made this poster to try and encourage teachers and students to explore ways that they could show their learning in all subjects. From my experience, often students will use several pieces of tech in one summative task.

When using this poster, my advice is to post it somewhere on a wall or perhaps in a Google Classroom.  Don’t intentionally or directly teach the kids show to use the tools; instead, tell them to play and try things out.  See what happens!  The great thing about tech is that you will never break it and you can always undo what you do.

Finally, you’ll notice that each of the statements in the different boxes have 2 parts to them: make/do/create a _______ (product) with ________ (a service/app/site).  The first part, or the product, is often interchangeable with another company that might do something similar.  If you have a preference for one company over another, you can simply use this poster as inspiration, no need to take each entry literally. 😉

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